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Carol of the Bells

2007-12-26 03:18:00 by k-309

I just spent a majority of my day working on a remix of "Carol of the bells" for Christmas. Like most works, it had failed miserably. I suppose some things are not meant to be.
Sometimes it's best to throw out the old, and start again from scratch.


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2008-04-20 11:59:26

awwww... dont put yourself down buddy! just do what you feel. somethings just take more work than others.

i have recorded song from the idea in my head to on NG in a day, BUT i have also recorded songs where it has been about 3 weeks and im still not done.

so dont give up on urself :D

k-309 responds:

thanks man. that is true.
i find if i just leave the project alone for a bit, then take a look at it later, i can figure something out :P
just got to give your ears a break.